CS371p Spring 2021: Nicholas Huang

About me:

Hi! My name is Nicholas Huang. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and have spent a majority of my life in a little area called Spring. I attended Klein Oak High School and took part in UIL mathematics and computer science competitions throughout my four years there. During this time, I began exploring potential interests and discovered my passion towards solving difficult problems and developing solutions to real-world issues. I also had a lot of fun learning and honing my computer science skills in general, all of which had contributed to my decision to major in CS. This had ultimately convinced me to attend UT, which is known for its amazing computer science program (and in-state tuition |:D).

CS 371p and Me:

I have heard nothing but positive comments about this course and about its instructor, Professor Downing. I hope that by taking this class, I may improve my knowledge on object-oriented programming and become a better software designer — one who can better integrate OOP design into his projects. So far, I am enjoying this class’ lecture format — especially the use of “cold-calling” students, which keeps me focused and on my toes. I only hope that my lack of C++ experience (which derives from my Principles of Computer Science class last semester) does not hold me back. Regardless, I look forward to a pleasant semester and taking part in this course!

Others Things:

I ranked up 35k on osu! this week after the developers reworked the performance points system. That kept me pumped up for a good while :).

When cooking with butter, make sure the pan is not too hot — you’ll end up making a mess otherwise. You might also start a grease fire, which isn’t a lot of fun.